zujuGP is growing – this is what you can expect from us

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of zujuGP, with the team from TOKIGAMES joining as part of an acquisition.

It is an exciting time for us as we continue to push the boundaries of football consumption and work towards our vision for the future of the sport through Web 3.0.

The new team – zujuDigital – will work to “gamify” our football platform experience with engaging and immersive activities, and a focus on providing fans with more interactive and empowering ways to consume football content.

With sound technical expertise and an understanding of augmented user experiences, the new team will work to develop rich, immersive digital experiences and activities for football fans.

So what can zujuGP users expect moving forward?

An immersive gamification experience

Football fans can expect more game-style incentives as rewards for achievements, such as levelling-up, leaderboard accomplishments, earning badges and winning team-oriented rewards.

Users will be able to play and compete in fantasy football contests during live matches. They can leverage their football knowledge, combined with their assessment of live strategies and in-game performances, to trade with virtual football players with the objective of scoring points and earning rewards based on micro-events during a live match.

A digital ecosystem for football fans

Football fans are like-minded individuals, and we want to connect fans from around the world on our platform.

Our goal is to develop and deliver rich, immersive, digital experiences and activities to football fans around the world on the flagship zujuDigital platform, as well as connect fans and aspiring players to the business side of football.

This ecosystem will provide fans with greater access to football content, and to have a closer connection with a community that shares their passion and emotions for the game

A focus on fan engagement

With zujuDigital, we want to reinvent and redefine football engagement. Spectator sports are traditionally passive for fans, but we see a world where it can be interactive, engaging and participatory.

With the aim of a bottom-up approach, fans will create content and use the community as a whole to be gatekeepers and custodians of what they want to see on the platform.

They will decide this through giving props to the creators they believe are adding value in this system.

All these features will be built within an ecosystem that will feature a core gamification look, where people are able to participate and be rewarded for it, and enable them to bring in their friends to grow the community as well.

Exploring a partnership?

We welcome visionaries who are looking to build a digital football future together. ​