Why Kickoff by Zuju WILL BE the go-to live football match prediction game NEXT SEASON!

The new football season is fast approaching, and there’s never been a better way to predict, play along and engage with a global football community throughout live matches.
Kickoff by Zuju is set to launch its brand new gameplay in time for the start of the English Premier League campaign, that raises the online football game experience to the next level.
So whether you’re new to us or need updating on all of our new features, here’s 5 reasons why Kickoff by Zuju is the place to be for 2023/24! 
  1. Predict and play across a host of leagues

Kickoff by Zuju offers a host of professional football leagues for users to predict and engage with live.

From the English Premier League to Major League Soccer and Women’s World Cup to the Singapore Premier League, there’s almost daily chances to play Kickoff by Zuju!

Simply login or download the app or visit our desktop version and click the calendar icon to check out all the upcoming fixtures.

  1. Multiple ways to play!

With Kickoff by Zuju, there’s several ways to get involved and being playing along with live football.

Firstly, you can predict who’s going to win across a variety of football matches from around the globe. Fancy United to beat City? Luton Town to cause an upset? Arsenal to prevail in the North London Derby? Simply pick the team you think will win and begin earning points.

We also allow you to #PlayEveryMoment in all the big matches. As well as the game’s key events such as goals, users can predict on events such as players taking a touch inside the penalty area, crossing the ball or winning a free-kick.

  1. Feeling confident? Level up your predictions!

Users can also select their level of risk when placing predictions, winning up to 5 times the amount of points if successful in their selections. For example, if you fancy a team to score in the next 60 seconds, you can x5 your selection and win big points!

However, you’ll also lose 5 times the amount of points if the opposition go and achieve your selection, so timing is crucial!

This is edge-of-your-seat predicting like none other! Stay tuned for more detail in the coming weeks.

  1. Predict and win!

The game offers users the chance to predict various events and outcomes of matches and earn points that later unlock money-can’t-buy rewards, prizes and experiences.

Put simply, the more you predict, the more you build points and convert to exclusive unlockable content and giveaways!

Sign up and start earning points today!

  1. It’s all in the detail

Also available on Kickoff by Zuju will be everything you need to inform you of which predictions to make.

We’ll have line-ups, head-to-heads, match stats and more integrated into the game, helping you to shape your match and live gameplay selections!

Not tried Kickoff by Zuju? Play now across Major League Soccer and July’s Women’s World Cup fixtures. Place your predictions, earn points and claim rewards today!

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